Most new shows what I call chip beef-chippies in bikinis and beef cake.  They are designed to titillate the 19-45 year olds nothing more.  According to the networks this is how you gain the attention of this prized demographic group.  If you show them gratuitous sex and violence they will watch.  If you are younger or older than this age group, the executives see you as valueless and they refuse to program for these groups.

However, what this same execs don’t understand is that even their cherished targeted audience want characters they can relate to and plots that make sense. Further more, it is the older audience, the ones who originally made TV successful, who now control the family budgets.  But they are the ones who remember what TV was from the beginning and know how good it can be.  They won’t settle for crap.

The tall and the short of it is that the money people have taken over the entertainment industry.  They are looking to make the quick buck instead of focusing on quality entertainment.  NBC has come to mean No Brain Content.  ABC means Almost Brainless Content. CBS did meant Containing Brains Sometimes.  However, after the new shows CBS put out, they will have to be reclassified.  They did something I didn’t think ever could happen; they made Tom Selleck look bad.  I’m not saying this just because I want him to star in my military series, Operation Home Base–even though that is still true.  CBS knew the series was bad from the beginning; it is the reason they buried it on Friday night.  Blue Bloods could do poorly and the network could blame it on the day instead of the quality of the program.

It is also a simple fact that any new voices with fresh ideas aren’t welcomed in the industry.  Those who do make it past the gate find that they aren’t welcomed and more often than not the insiders take their new ideas and show the creators to the door.  I was offered 5  million for my military series, Operation Home Base.  I would have been give creator credit and shown the door.  It turned it down.  I wasn’t going to allow “the experienced producers and writers” turn my family of man drama, which combined the humor and drama of MASH with family and sense of community  of Little House on the Prairie into chip beef–and we all know what the other name for chip beef is.   OHB will be done right or it won’t be done at all, which will to bad because it is unique.  It will make the viewers laugh and cry, but more importantly they won’t feel like they just wasted an hour of their life.