Until You Walk the Path, You Don’t Know Where it Goes will be hosting author and haunting expert, Debi Chestnut on January 2 at its new time 7 pm eastern as she talks about her books and experience with the paranormal.
Debi Chestnut is co-author of the new paranormal mysteries, Legacy of the Cross and Legacy of the Horsemen. Debi has also been a paranormal researcher for the past twelve years. She left her job as a paralegal to be a full-time writer and pursue other interests.  Debi is actively out in the community performing investigations and educating the public in regards to paranormal activity.

Debi Chestnut wrote and published two mysteries, Telltale Signs and Murder in Crystal before turning her attention to the non-fiction marketplace. Her book, Ghosts of Anchor Bay, published by Schiffer Publishing, chronicles her paranormal research activities. Her new book, So You Want to be a Ghost Hunter, is the definitive textbook for anyone who wants to learn about this craft.

Debi speaks extensively throughout the country educating people in the paranormal and promoting her books. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two dogs, and four black cats.

Tune into http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theresachaze on January 2 at 7 pm eastern to learn more about how to deal with ghosts and haunted spaces from Debi Chestnut. The phone lines and chat will be available for those who wish to participate. The phone number is (347) 324-3745. The interactive chat room is available on the show’s page.