Governor Snyder’s policies run parallel to those of King George. His policies and actions have already cost the state millions of dollars of income and thousands of jobs by giving preferential treatment to corporations and individuals who support the Republican party. His anti-Robin Hood tactics of increasing taxes on the middle class, poor and the elder in order to give tax breaks to corporations have limited their ability to provide for their families. He has pushed through legislation that usurps the rights of the voters. Elected officials can only be dismissed or impeached at the will of those who elected them. Citizens who have exercised their legal right to of peaceful protest have been arrested.

For those outside Michigan who think this isn’t your problem, so you don’t feel the need to help—think again. Michigan isn’t the only state who has a dictatorial governor nor will Snyder be the last if his policies are allowed to stand. You can either help us stop this in our backyard or fight it in your own front yard. The choice is yours.

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