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Have you ever met someone and suddenly felt love or hate? Did you wonder why? What if you had forgotten the reason? Would you want to remember? Would you want to know?

Using as the excuse researching for his new book, Michael visits his friend Lynne in Coyote Springs. In his conscious mind, he wants to rekindle their romantic relationship. Instead, he fixates on the dead lumber baron, Randolph Bellows and his family.

Michael meets Bellows’ granddaughter Shane Bellows. Nearly half his age, Shane arouses passion within him. He believes they are soul mates. His best friend Lynne knows better. Michael doesn’t love Shane any more than he loved her. Lynne knows there has been one woman who has always had his heart. Just because he has yet to meet her, doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. Against her advice and that of others, Michael and Shane marry.

The town is shocked when the owner of the Bellows Mansion offers to allows the couple to move into the old house. Michael is ecstatic. Growing up, Shane heard how the ghost of her grandfather’s first wife tormented his second family until they were forced to flee for their safety. The house had been sold to Amanda Ramsdell just to be rid of the ghost’s curse. Although Sane fears the house, she loves Michael more and reluctantly agrees to live there.

Michael’s obsession deepens. It’s all he can think and dream about. He knows there is more to it than can be seen. He searches old records and finds Sara Jane’s bedroom.. Taking the panel off the wall does more than reveal the hidden room. Turning the knob, he opens the door to the past. Crossing the threshold starts him down a path, which could once again lead to obsessive love, betrayal, and murder.

In spite of her reservations, Elizabeth agrees to teach a writing course at a small college. Her instinct tells her to run in the opposite direction, but she never forgets a kindness. Arriving in town, she instantly regrets her decision. But as much as she wants to run, the town draws her in, awakening old memories of passion, anger and fear. By the time she realizes what is happening, it is too late to run. The doors of her past are opened and memories overwhelm her.

Love, guilt and betrayal intertwine forming a kaleidoscope of memories as the past and present abruptly collide. Can they remember the love and learn from the past before they once again turn down the path of murder and revenge?

Never Can Say Good-bye is a paranormal romance with the logline love and hate survives death. It is a new film, which is based on the old fashioned idea that character and plot appeal more to the audiences than sex, violence and special effects. . Never Can Say Good-bye is family friendly film, which gives the audience what it wants. It has the right message at the right time and fills a void that has been created by the endless sequels and remakes.

Management Team

At Never Can Say Good-bye LLC, we work as a team to do what needs to be done. A core group of cast, crew, and production staff- we are able to push the limits buoyed by a sense of commitment to each other and to the merits of the project.

Executive Producer:
Theresa Chaze

Stanley Livingston
Patrik Simpson
Pamela Wenzel

Stanley Livingston

Dyan Cannon
Lauren Holly
Kimberly Estrada
Adrian Paul
Sean Harmon
Kayley Gable

The Music
You showed me the Way
Sun After Rain
The Wrong Side of Love
Sara Jane’s Lullaby