It was implied to me yesterday that I am archaic. That I don’t know what the modern audience wants. I always loved films because they were a break in the fast pace, competitive world. Those two hours were a time to laugh, cry, be scared and visit other worlds. It was a time to relax and take a break from my own worries and life challenges. You fell in love with and along with the characters. You shared their adventures and their challenges. You also shared in their successes. They gave you hope that you could also win in your life.

But evidently movies aren’t like that any more. I was told that in order to get foreign sales there had to be nudity and sex . Evidently they are more important the the foreign markets instead of love and romance. Plot and character development were less important than the having the scenes strobe across the screen. I have been told that the modern audiences don’t have the attention span, patience, or the intelligence to watch movies that have actual plot and character development. It’s so much easier to produce shallow films; they sell more toys, beach towels and other crap.

I don’t believe this to be true. I believe that there is intelligent life out there, but I think that they are being ignored. I know there is a market for good old fashion plot and character based films. So let them call me archaic. I’ll wear the label proudly because I will not compromise on quality.