I would like your help raising awareness for a PTSD treatment that has been very effective with veterans. We are producing a documentary that will tell the personal stories of how Equine Therapy helped them find new coping skills for the physical and emotional challenges created by war.

Horses and Heroes will create a greater awareness of Animal Assisted Therapy for civilians, military personnel, veterans, and their families. The goal is to create an understanding of how and why the therapy works, thereby giving those suffering from PTSD another therapeutic option. The horses help them come home.

Currently three of our five member staff are veterans of varies branches and wars. We intend to hire as many as we can for our crew.

All funds will go toward the production costs. Will you help us reach our goal to raise awareness for Equine Therapy by helping us produce Horses and Heroes?

Would also share our campaign information with your friends, family, and connections.!page3/cee5