horses-and-heroes-logo     We are looking for corporations, who would like to cross brand with Horses and Heroes. One sponsor would receive more promotion, but we could give each of the 12 episodes has an individual sponsor. I have formatted the show so that each episode has two 10 second billboards and one 30 second bumper at the bottom of the hour that will be dedicated the sponsor. However, instead of just playing one of their ads, we would like to make target specific by showing how the sponsor helps veterans, military personnel, and their families. Horses and Heroes will attract the 18-35 year old demographic. However, since we will be sponsoring veterans from all conflicts not just the current, the demographic will be expanded to include those over 35. If you or if you know someone, who has the means and the will to do more than give lip service to supporting our veterans, please share our information with her, him or them. Let this Memorial Day be one where you make a difference for those who risked the most.