Until You Walk The Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes will be chatting with award winning news editor and motivational speaker, Joe Sutton on Monday, August 11 at 2pm eastern as he shares the editing challenges of the 24 hour news cycle.






Joe Sutton served as an intern for NBC, where he covered the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. He has also briefly interned for U.S. Congressman David Scott and assisted with press and media relations work in his Atlanta area district offices. He has been part of CNN teams that have won two Peabody Awards: for coverage of the Gulf oil spill in 2010 and the Arab Spring uprising in the Middle East and North Africa in 2011. Joe also spent a number of years in various capacities at Turner Entertainment Group.






Sutton played an integral role in covering major U.S. and international news events across CNN platforms on a daily basis. Among the most notable stories he’s worked on are: the historic floods in Texas and Oklahoma; Garland, TX shooting, the death of “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker. the Ebola scare in the U.S.; the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Super storm Sandy, and many of the terrorist style mass shooting in the United States.



Sutton shares this experience as a motivational speaker, aiming to inspire and teach young people how to achieve success in corporate America. He is a highly sought-after guest lecturer on news gathering at colleges, but Joe’s responsibilities have also ventured outside the realm of hard news into entertainment.









Tune intohttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/theresachaze on Monday, August 11 at 2pm eastern to get a glimpse behind the cameras of the 24 hour news cycle from aware winning editor Joe Sutton.. The phone lines and chat will be available for those who wish to ask questions. The phone number is (347) 838-9927.



The interview will be available in the archives at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theresachaze/2015/08/11/until-you-walk-the-path-you-wont-know-where-it-goes





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