So many actresses have been complaining about the quality of the roles that they are being offered, especially those actresses over 40.   Yet they do so little to change the industry.    It’s easy to point out the problems, but talk without action is merely whining.

Never Can Say Good-bye has several roles that portray women over 40 as intelligent, strong, and beautiful, including the lead.  Instead of focusing on their bodies or what they look like, these roles challenge them to face their fears and heal their emotional pain.

It’s a low budget independent film with a solid script in a genre that remains popular in the domestic and foreign markets.  The low budget will to prove two things– you don’t need a big budget to produce quality and that film can be profitable if you focus on innovation rather that fixing in post.  A lower budget also means a higher profitability margin, which in the end will bring more money for the investors as well as the cast and production team.

With the logline, “The ghost of a murdered child brings his reincarnated parents back together. They need to forgive so that he will be freed to reincarnate? Can they forgive or will they take revenge on his murderer?” Never Can Say Good-bye is comparable to Ghost, The Others, and the original Dark Shadows series.

Elizabeth: A woman in her late 40’s, any ethnic background, who only comes emotionally alive in the pages of her novels. Her fear and distrust of others kept her from building any close bonds of friendship. She was an island onto herself and she liked it that way.

Arriving in Coyote Springs, she is suddenly confronted by memories she doesn’t understand. By the time, she realizes what is happening the rage and guilt have force her down a path that can only end in murder. The only question that remains will she learn forgiveness or she finally have her revenge.

Judy:  A woman in her early 50’s who looks like she could be related to the character Amanda. Although she comes off as a hard ass controlling bitch, she is in fact a wounded soul, who learns her whole life has been a lie.