If you are feeling isolated and powerless, you are not alone. Many feel as you do.

During these challenging times when fear and self-doubt abound, hope fades. As it becomes a far off memory, it’s easy to get lost in the despair. It’s easy to give up.

Sometimes it seems simpler to go with the flow and hope for the best. That path may seem easier, but it rarely leads us where we need and want to go. In order to go forward, we must go back to find those pieces of ourselves that believed we were worthy of love and respect. It’s only by reclaiming those aspects of ourselves that we are able to understand the reasons behind the events in our lives. The understanding leads to healing, which empowers us to take back control over our own lives. God saw a Butterfly helps those, who seek to understand the challenges of their lives. It is never too late to be forgiven or to forgive.

God saw a Butterfly is available as an Amazon Kindle and as a PDF on the author’s website. Proceeds will be used to fund the TV series, Horses and Heroes. Buying the PDF gives more support toward the production costs.

Horses and Heroes is a Reality TV series, which combines the highly effective Peer Support Therapy with Equine Therapy. Unlike most in the genre, it will focus on healing and positive growth rather than endorsing bad behavior. Each season will bring together the veterans from WWII to the current conflicts. They will be sharing their challenges and supporting each other as they find new solutions to their physical and emotional challenges. They know the talk, because they have walked the walk. They see the dodges and will be able to call each other on them. Sparks may fly. Tempers may flare, especially when they force each other to face the ghosts. But will also be laughter and fun as they rebuild the comradery, which kept them safe and strong. The snarkiness and practical jokes between the branches don’t simply end. There is always room for just one more. When it airs, it will reach into the homes of the veterans, who need to hear that they are not alone and give them the information as well as the permission to also heal. They will help each other find their way back to the world. Veterans can’t go back and make a brand new start; but they can start from now and make a brand new end.