No matter what happened President Obama was calm and confident. His composure encouraged others to find that same strength in themselves. He empowered others to be compassionate, rational, and courageous. By calming down, they could step back to find reasons, facts,and evidence.

Trump loses control at the slightest provocation. He encourages and incites chaos. Fearful and angry people are easier to control and manipulate with their bigotry and racism. They become trapped in finding someone other than themselves to blame for the challenges in life, People like Trump give them someone to blame and encourage their hatred, fear, and paranoia. As they become stuck in flight or flight mode and can’t think beyond the moment, making it impossible for them to connect the dots back to the true source of their fear, pain and hatred,

Obama promoted rational reason, compassion, courage, and faith. Trump incites chaos, fear, anger, and hatred. That is the difference between them and the reason we will never accept Trump.