With all the stress and chaos, self-care and dealing with core issues are more important than ever. It’s easy to talk the talk, but walking that path takes discipline, courage and a snarky sense of humor. On April 18,2020 at 4:30 pm eastern at https://www.blogtalkradio.com/messagesfromtheuniverse/2020/04/18/messages-from-the-universe  Messages from the universe will host, Elizabeth Blake-Thomas as she speaks about how Project Phoenix will help those in the entertainment industry, who are financially challenged by Corvid 19. To speak with Blake-Thomas or to ask her questions call (845) 241-9942 during the live show.  After the show, the interview will be available at the same link.

Director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas is a British award-winning filmmaker and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, having recently completed her 8th feature film. Her latest feature Evie Rose, starring Oscar-nominated actress Terry Moore, follows the heartwarming story of an unusual friendship during the final days of a 100-year-old woman’s life. Elizabeth is the founder and resident director of entertainment company Mother & Daughter Entertainment, whose motto is “Making Content That Matters”, putting the focus on each project starting a conversation amongst viewers. Her most recent project, Project Phoenix, is a campaign to help support struggling crewmembers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Official Ambassador of Awareness Ties for Human Trafficking, Elizabeth hopes to raise more awareness to the horrific nature of human trafficking and help put a stop to it. Her award-winning short film UNSEEN, which addresses the role technology plays in the facilitation of child trafficking, was awarded “Best Short Film” by Film Threat’s Award This! and is currently available on all platforms. Being a female director, Elizabeth strives to make projects with at least a 50/50 female cast and crew. A regular on panels at Sundance, Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival, Elizabeth mentors wherever possible, ensuring she sends the elevator back down to all other female directors and filmmakers.


Directing Showreel: https://vimeo.com/401574242

Awareness Ties Ambassador Page: https://www.awarenessties.us/elizabethblakethomas.html

Tune in April 18, 2020, at 4:30 eastern at

https://www.blogtalkradio.com/messagesfromtheuniverse/2020/04/18/messages-from-the-universe to learn more about why Elizabeth Blake-Thomas created the Phoenix Project and how it will be helping those in the entertainment industry, who have been financially challenged by the Corvid 19. To speak with Blake-Thomas or to ask her questions call (845) 241-9942 during the live show.  After the show, the interview will be available at the same link.

Horses and Heroes will tell veterans’ stories as they work together t find new coping skills for their physical and emotional challenges. Veterans will be given priority for jobs both in front of and behind the cameras. Go to the website to learn more.

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