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Messages from the universe will be hosting Matthew Timosyzk Monday, May at 3 pm eastern time on

as he talks about how he used the skills he learned serving in the military to build a successful film and television career. During the live show listeners may call (845) 241-9942 to speak with him.


Matthew S. Timoszyk has been working professionally in the entertainment industry for 30+ years and worked for Sacramento Theatrical Lighting (STL) for 8 years. His associations include California Musical Theatre, Music Circus, Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Opera, Barnum and Bailey Circus, Disney on Ice, BP Productions, Woodland Opera House, Stockton Civic Theatre, Showbiz Theatre Company, the Historic Oroville State Theatre and many more. Matthew is a professional member of the USITT, the Education Theatre Association, and a four-time recipient of SARTA’s ELLY Award, 2for Best Lighting Design, 1 for Best Sound Design, and 1 for Best Overall Musical Production. Matthew is also a filmmaker working with BCM Films and other independent film companies in the Sacramento region. Matthew and his wife Robin own and operate Garage Studio Production Services & Lost Art Cinema.

To learn more about how veterans can use the skills they learned in the military to build a successful career in the entertainment industry tune into

on Thursday, May 7, 2020, at 3 pm eastern.

Horses and Heroes will tell veterans’ stories as they work together to find new coping skills for their physical and emotional challenges. Veterans will be given priority for jobs both in front of and behind the cameras. Go to the website to learn more.

Horses and Heroes website




Messages from the universe will be hosting comedian, author, and life guide Fran Capo on April 25, 2020 a 3 pm eastern at as she speaks about her current work and how humor helps people through challenging times. During the live show, listeners may call (845) 241-9942 to speak with her.

Fran Capo is a 9- time Guinness Book World Record holder, most known as the World’s Fastest Talking Woman at 603.32 WPM. She’s a comedienne, actress, 21-time author, ordained minister, consultant, spokesperson, motivational speaker, producer and adventurer who has dived with sharks, eaten fire, bungee jumped, climbed Kilimanjaro and gone down to the Titanic. She’s appeared on 450 TV and 4500 radio shows including Dr. Oz and Larry King Live. She is the radio host of “Fran’s World”, CBS’s “Live it Up” adventure correspondent, performs a one-woman show, “Love, Laughter, and Light” and has entertained our troops on every continent. During her Tedx talk entitled,“How a World Record Mindset can help you accomplish anything” she broke a world record live on the stage. She is presently working on her film, “Sensei and the Goldman”, training for her trek to Vietnam and doing “Cuppa Capo Live on FB every Monday and Friday at 11 am est during the Coronastaycation mandate.

Cuppa Capo live every Monday & Wed 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM Pacific 


To learn more about Fran Capo and how humor can help you through your life’s challenges tune into

on Saturday, April 25, 2020, at 3 pm eastern.

Horses and Heroes will tell veterans’ stories as they work together t find new coping skills for their physical and emotional challenges. Veterans will be given priority for jobs both in front of and behind the cameras. Go to the website to learn more.

Horses and Heroes’ Website


Messages from the universe will be hosting, the Executive Director and Founder of the Peace Ranch, Jackie Kaschel and Social Worker, Jan Stump on Friday, April 24. 2020 at 2 pm eastern at

as they share how equine therapy helps veterans find new coping skills for their challenges and reclaim their lives. To speak with Kaschel and ask questions call (845) 241-9942.

Jackie Kaschel is the Executive Director and Founder of PEACE Ranch; a faith-based community center founded to provide experiential, equine-assisted counseling and educational activities using horses for the greater Grand Traverse region. The ranch serves a broad population with EAGALA Model equine-assisted activities and specializes with at-risk youth, trauma-based issues for children and Veterans, and difficult to treat issues like addiction and autism. Jackie oversees all aspects of the organization including staff, program design, implementation, assessment and provides overall organizational direction.

Jackie is an Advanced Certified MH/ES and Professional Mentor through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association to practice EAGALA Model equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development. Her love of horses began in childhood but expertise was developed as an adult when she achieved the Partnership Level through the Parelli Natural Horsemanship curriculum in 2007. Since then, Jackie has taught herd dynamics, equine communication, and their practical application to hundreds of students. Her forte is with traumatized horses having rehabilitated and trained 50+ rescue horses, many of which were unable to be handled.

Social Work veteran, Jan Stump offers the culmination of knowledge and experience in the Social Work field – trauma care, expressive therapies, training & teaching. Experience with children, adults, and families, sexual trauma, war atrocities, addiction, chronic pain. Highly motivated self-starter, excellent communication and team-building skills, extensive knowledge/experience, and a survival sense of humor.

Tune in to 

on April 24 at 2 pm eastern to learn more about how equine therapy helps veterans from Jackie Kaschel and Jan Stump the Executive Director of the Peace Ranch.

Horses and Heroes will tell veterans’ stories as they work together t find new coping skills for their physical and emotional challenges. Veterans will be given priority for jobs both in front of and behind the cameras. Go to the website to learn more.


With all the stress and chaos, self-care and dealing with core issues are more important than ever. It’s easy to talk the talk, but walking that path takes discipline, courage and a snarky sense of humor. On April 18,2020 at 4:30 pm eastern at  Messages from the universe will host, Elizabeth Blake-Thomas as she speaks about how Project Phoenix will help those in the entertainment industry, who are financially challenged by Corvid 19. To speak with Blake-Thomas or to ask her questions call (845) 241-9942 during the live show.  After the show, the interview will be available at the same link.

Director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas is a British award-winning filmmaker and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, having recently completed her 8th feature film. Her latest feature Evie Rose, starring Oscar-nominated actress Terry Moore, follows the heartwarming story of an unusual friendship during the final days of a 100-year-old woman’s life. Elizabeth is the founder and resident director of entertainment company Mother & Daughter Entertainment, whose motto is “Making Content That Matters”, putting the focus on each project starting a conversation amongst viewers. Her most recent project, Project Phoenix, is a campaign to help support struggling crewmembers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Official Ambassador of Awareness Ties for Human Trafficking, Elizabeth hopes to raise more awareness to the horrific nature of human trafficking and help put a stop to it. Her award-winning short film UNSEEN, which addresses the role technology plays in the facilitation of child trafficking, was awarded “Best Short Film” by Film Threat’s Award This! and is currently available on all platforms. Being a female director, Elizabeth strives to make projects with at least a 50/50 female cast and crew. A regular on panels at Sundance, Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival, Elizabeth mentors wherever possible, ensuring she sends the elevator back down to all other female directors and filmmakers.

Directing Showreel:

Awareness Ties Ambassador Page:

Tune in April 18, 2020, at 4:30 eastern at to learn more about why Elizabeth Blake-Thomas created the Phoenix Project and how it will be helping those in the entertainment industry, who have been financially challenged by the Corvid 19. To speak with Blake-Thomas or to ask her questions call (845) 241-9942 during the live show.  After the show, the interview will be available at the same link.

Horses and Heroes will tell veterans’ stories as they work together t find new coping skills for their physical and emotional challenges. Veterans will be given priority for jobs both in front of and behind the cameras. Go to the website to learn more.

Horses and Heroes’ website



Buffalo Soldier: Park Patrol is a fictional account of this period in history, based upon the actual historical events. In Park Patrol, First Sergeant Ben Carter and his special detachment are dispatched to the Presidio of San Francisco to begin advance operations for the deployment of units of the Ninth to Yosemite. In carrying out their duties to protect the park from illegal logging, grazing, mining, and commercial trespass, they must contend with racial prejudice, inclement weather, and corporate greed. Success requires that they be tough, tenacious and tactful. This fictionalized account gives you a glimpse into a little-known aspect of American history, and an entertaining story of how the American West was won.
<p><a href=”″>Charles Ray: Buffalo Soldiers: Park Patrol</a> from <a href=”″>Theresa Chaze</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Film/television budgets cannot be arbitrary decided upon. They are based on the number of filming days needed to produce the project. Nor can breaking down the script into “eights” accurately determine how many days will be required. The script must first be broken down scene by scene according to the characters, location, daypart, VFX, etc It is the only way to determine who and what needs to be wear and for how long.

No matter which script program is used, more detailed information needs to be manually entered for the reports to be generated. Unless a character has dialog the program will not recognize it as being part of the scene. Scene headings will describe the place and daypart, but neither will register as locations on the reports, yet both are vital pieces of information. Any unusual props, SFX, stunts, or any time-consuming production aspect needs to be logged so that it will be listed in the reports.

Once the script has been broken down, the information is put into a spreadsheet with the locations listed at the top. Each column will further be broken down by daypart (IE day or night). Each scene is logged in by its scene number (IE scene 1) under its in the location and in which daypart it will be filmed The characters are listed beneath the scene number. Leaving an empty column between each location makes it easy to log in the estimated shoot time of each scene and to tally the total at the bottom.

When it comes to timings, scenes are not equal. A full page of dialogue between two characters will take less time to film than one with a big fight scene that is described in three sentences or one that takes place in a vehicle on the open road. When estimating how long to schedule for each scene the producer must factor in:

Travel time between locations

Day or night scene

Setup/wrap/clean up time

The experience level of the cast and crew

Animals and children

Number of outdoor scenes


Visual effects

makeup/hair effects

costume changes

stunts/fights/action scenes

moving vehicles

Once this time frame has been determined for each scene, the totals are summed up at the bottom of the column to get a ballpark figure of how long the production will need to remain at each location. Union regulations and the exhaustion of cast/crew must be factored in when determining the length of the workday. A tired team is more likely to make mistakes which wastes time and could get someone hurt. Although it is not uncommon to have long workdays, the double-time,which will need to be paid after 12 hours, makes it more expensive than just adding another day at the location Additionally, it would be wise to add 1-2 extra days to the overall schedule for illness, weather, or an unseen event. However, if the script leans heavily toward outdoor scenes or those with a great deal of action, SFX, or has a large cast, it would be wise to add 2-3 days. It’s better to have budgeted for them and not need than to need the time and not have room in the budget.

Theresa Chaze is available for hire to generate film/television business plans and budgets by calling 231-943-3298.

Comparables give plot, genre, and rating reference points for investors and distributors. It’s not enough to state the genre. Comparing it to specific films gives details that will tell others what to expect. To say that your project is a horror film, even if you qualify it with a sub-category, such as occult, suspense, slasher, etc, still lacks important details. However, comparing it to the Exorcist will elicit images of possession, devils, and exorcisms. Amityville Horror conjurers haunting, violence, and family betrayal. Ghost brings to mind ghosts, romance, untimely death, and karmic justice. The Others also contains ghostly and untimely death elements, yet its focus remains on other aspects such as the house, mental illness, and children. Texas Chainsaw Massacre creates images of violence, blood, and gore. All of them are considered to be in the Horror genre, yet each of them has specific elements that evoke a specific response from the audience. However, the comparables also invoke levels of language, violence, and sexuality perimeters. Ghost has more sexual elements than The Others. The Exorcist has more graphic violence than Amityville Horror. When properly used, comparables can be an effective asset. Within a few words, an expectation will be set that will attract the interest of some investors and distributors, while others will give it a pass. However, using inaccurate comparables will do more harm than good. Each movie that is referenced creates a presumption that if not met will reflect poorly on the project that is being promoted.

The biggest fallacy in the film industry and in the business world as a whole is that if you write up a business plan, all you have to do is present it to investors and they will write you a check. Even if you have the greatest of all business plans in all of history, that’s not going to happen. Business plans tell investors what you are going to do. The meeting and subsequent paperwork tell them how you are going to do it. The reality is that the business plan only gains the investors’ interest; it is the presenter, in this case, producer, who gives them the confidence to cut checks. Whether the producers write the plan themselves or hire someone to do it, the greatest selling point is how well they know the material and how they present it.




Not For Ourselves

A Book Review

By Cate Cavanagh

Theresa Chaze has once again proven herself to be a premier Wiccan author of amazing skill and creativity! Not For Ourselves is a robust novel that spans lifetimes in the most unique way possible by weaving a tale of revolving reincarnation.

Readers knowledgeable of the Craft will find this approach familiar yet refreshing in depiction as we witness the flashing back and forth of a character in the present reliving moments of a previous life whose errors have followed her through many incarnations including the present.

Through Alyssa’s eyes we see how conflicted relationships are fast forwarded to the present as she comes to recognize antagonists of her past life tormenting her in the present. Alyssa’s biggest challenge is to rejoin her past self and seek to correct the error that sent her span of lives into the condemnation of karmic debt.

A victim of stalking and terrorism by a local police officer Alyssa is forced to send her cats to live with her sister, Michelle. Reporting this officer (Nevel) is useless as the blue wall converges about him, rendering him protected against prosecution. As her torment continues week after week and month after month the result is the loss of her job as well what has become her fragile sanity. Despite this she fosters enough strength to vlog a diary of what is happening as well as publishing his threatening phone calls. When he and a fellow officer come to her house with false charges and threats, Alyssa finds her cause has been followed by the FBI for some time. Angry that they allowed her to live in constant fear she searches for a way to find peace again and to come away with her goddess given power once more!

Complicating matters is James, the FBI agent that rescues her and Wayne the attorney helping his father deliver hay to the reclaimed horse farm that Alyssa resumes on her path to recovery. But is Wayne in town to defend her tormentors?

So thorough is Theresa’s research she writes of how Alyssa houses an injured possum rather than have him free to roam the stable because its feces can cause serious, life threatening illness. As a horsewoman, I was very impressed with this authenticity.

Authentic as well as her description of projecting oneself into a past life and back again. Authentic as well is how she depicts the physical, mental, and emotional turmoil that rapid astral traveling can be. Those of us of the Craft have experienced this and it is very impressive that Theresa set before her the daunting challenge to recreate not just the physical sensations of trying to undo past errors but the very important tenets of the Wiccan path.

Upon completion of Not For Ourselves, those of the Craft will be sated knowing that someone like Theresa writes a true representation of this treasured belief system while opening a whole new realm of reading experience for the average reader.

Kudos to you Theresa Chaze! Well done!

Available on Amazon as a Kindle and in paperback as well as a PDF on the author’s website.


What do you do when life hands you lemons. Authors make lemonade by writing the challenges into their work. Theresa Chaze is no different. Written as a way to cope with and to understand the sexual assault, Not for Ourselves tells the tale of a woman, who is attacked and tormented by men she met for the first time at a Pagan Festival. Unable to comprehend why they chose her, she performs a magical ritual that was designed to help her understand why they would want to destroy a stranger’s life. All though it is fictionalized story, it reflects how the assault and the months of harassment afterward shattered her life and nearly turned Chaze into a shut-in

Before October 18, 2006, Chaze was confident gregarious woman, who faced life with moxie and courage. Her writing career had begun to take off with the launch of her novels and screenplays. She sought out adventures and blazed her own trails through life. All that ended on October 18, 2006. The person she was died that night and she became someone she didn’t recognize. Before, she forgave easily. At midnight her slate was wiped clean and everyone, including herself, had a fresh start for the new day. All that changed. The fear overshadowed her life. Leaving her home sent her into panic attacks that triggered severe asthma episodes. The fear became a rage that she turned both inward and onto others. There were many times in the next two years that she had the razor blade out and the note was written. Good friends keeping careful watch over her is the only reason she didn’t follow through. Instead of asking for justice, she sought vengeance on those who had harmed her. When Chaze lost her ability to function, she sought help and was diagnosed with PTSD, After years of therapy, Chaze has glued the shards of her former self together to create a life that once again based on love, light, and hope. Writing Not For Ourselves helped her complete the healing process

Alyssa attends a local Pagan festival to read Tarot Cards as a way of raising funds for a local animal rescue organization. When a group of drunken men invade the festival, attacking the attendee and destroying the booths, she and others stand up to them only to learn that they are off-duty deputy sheriffs. Unwilling to let their bad behavior slide, they file complaints only to learn that the leader of the pack is the Justin Nevel, the Sheriff’s nephew. Although she is one of many who complain, Nevel focuses his need for revenge on Alyssa. His harassment quickly escalates. When friends and co-workers stand up for her, his intimidation spreads to them. In an attempt to understand why she was singled out, Alyssa performs a magical ritual. But instead of receiving an answer, she is taken back to a Scottish parish and the life when she was known as Shannon Marie Cullen.

The granddaughter and heir of Jacqueline Marie Katherine de Medici, Shannon Marie lived both in and out of clan tradition. However, unlike their older sisters, she and her younger sister, Rachael, were spared the limitations and intrigues of court. Raised more like sons than daughters, they were wild and free. Both saw life as a challenge to be met and conquered. Yet there was one sadness that Shannon Marie was forced to accept or so she thought. Clan tradition stood between her and Michael being together, which led to him choosing the path of the Goddess. She loved him enough to honor his decision until the obstacles between them suddenly vanished. She selfishly agrees to the marriage. Instead of joy, their union brings about betrayal, bloodshed, and murder

As the memories of her past life awakened, Alyssa melds with her former self. Watching the events before her death unfold, she began to understand how the manipulation of others followed them through the ages until they are forced to again meet. In the past, one man loved her, yet her selfishness betrayed his trust. One man hated her for who she was and for what he could never have. Both have again entered her life. Have they learned enough to put finally put the past to rest or will they again make the same choices that led to murder and revenge?

Not for Ourselves is available on Amazon as a Kindle and in paperback as well as a PDF on the author’s website.